Kristeligt Dagblad anniversary relaunch

On 3 September 2021, Kristeligt Dagblad (the Christian Daily) celebrated the Copenhagen-based newspaper’s 125-years anniversary with a relaunch, replacing a page grid structure (dictated by ad modules) which, ever since the 1970s, has been ubiquitous throughout the entire scope of Danish dailies, with a brand new grid system. The result is a lighter and more spacious design which, among other things, allows for clearer distinctions between advertising and editorial content.
Our aim is to provide maximum exposure to both advertisers and editorial content and to further reinforce Kristeligt Dagblad’s strong brand as a serious, upmarket newspaper.

An ambition to optimize readability drove the creation of a new page grid which builds on a basic structure consisting of 18 modules with 5 mm gutters, replacing the former 8-column grid which only permitted 4 mm gutters and restrained our possibilities to achieve perfect relations between type size, leading, and column widths.

A simultaneous move to printing on high-quality paper which greatly enhances contrast & image reproduction was part of this operation – which has been very well received by our readers. One subscriber, however, called the sales department in order to complain: He had bought a new pair of reading glasses last month and now, as he joked, he had no need for them anymore.

Among the new editorial elements are a reader-friendly page 2 with fixed editorial modules, a twice-weekly Perspective page, and a new, clearly marked and widely used, “in short”-box (kort fortalt) with the object of enhancing readers’ understanding of more complex stories.

The new design has been fine-tuned to facilitate the reading of Kristeligt Dagblad’s popular e-paper version (one third of the paper’s subscribers are digital-only). For instance, wide lines of text in subheads and captions – which used to force readers to make excessive use of scrolling – are now being avoided.

The print design also corresponds closely to the new look of the paper’s website which was relaunched in June.

Kristeligt Dagblad is Denmark’s most successful daily. The newspaper has been able to increase its circulation continuously since 1994 and now enjoys the highest circulation figures in its 125-year history.

Our success is the result of a long series of improvements of both content and design – the Liv&Sjæl (Life and Soul) section being but one example – as well as of a never-compromising awareness of the (large) niche audience Kristeligt Dagblad is adressing: People who may not always subscribe to strict Christian beliefs (then again, many readers are in fact true believers) but who share Christian values, as well as moral and ethic standards, and appreciate seeing those values reflected in their daily paper.

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